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 Team Twilight

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PostSubject: Team Twilight   Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:21 pm

First of all, I like the name. Second of all, here's what I view as the criteria to join the team. Please, even if you're an admin, when you test someone post according to the result. You can give someone from 1-10

Level Seen
Level Required
Deck Build


Effect Usage

Rulings Knowledge

Reaction Speed

Damage Dealt


Here's the criteria within the criteria

Deck Build:

  • Three main criteria:
  • Were there cards in his/her deck that didn't fit in? (Drop 2 points)
  • Was his deck more than 50 cards (drop 3 points)
  • Did he have an unbalanced deck [all monsters no s/t, etc] (drop 5 points)


  • What was his skill level in controlling chains?
  • Used random cards (drop 2 points)
  • Asked about cards you chained (drop 1 point)
  • Incorrectly declared a chain (drop 4 points)
  • Started a chain against himself knowingly (drop 3 points)
Effects Usage:

  • How good was his effect usage?
  • Didn't know his own monster's effects (drop 7 points)
  • Didn't know tester's monster effects (drop 1 point)

Rulings Knowledge:

  • How large is his rulings knowledge?
  • Didn't know their own card ruling (-5 points)
  • Didn't know opponent's card ruling (-1 point)
  • Declared a ruling incorrectly (-1 point per time)

Reaction Speed:

  • How long did they take to act?
  • >3 minutes without warning (-5 points)
  • <3 minutes but with incorrect card being chosen for a situation (-1 points per time)

Damage Dealt:

  • Damage dealt to tester in match
  • The way to figure out points is Total Damage / 2000 (16000 aka 2 duels won, is 10 points).


  • The simplest of all of them. Did they [person getting tested] ask you [tester] any questions concerning rulings and or effects?
  • If so, then drop a point.
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Team Twilight
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