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 Concerning the Team.

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PostSubject: Concerning the Team.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:16 pm

For those of you that have the team's forums, PLEASE do NOT join them unless specifically told to do so by one of its testers. It's supposed to be private for the team. Furthermore,if you wish to try out for the team then please post here. The format is as follows:

Username (Here in TDA):
Hamachi Name:
Timezone + Time you can play:

An Admin or myself will test you as soon as we can. However, I'm busy, and there's a lot of other stuff I have to do as well. After you're accepted, We'll make you a room in the Team's forum here, and you can join the war forum.

Thank you,
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obelisk blue
obelisk blue

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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Team.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:20 pm

Username (Here in TDA):xcross21
KCVDS Name:xcross21
Hamachi Name:xcross21
Timezone + Time you can play:almost always
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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Team.   Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:56 am

Dorm: RA 3/3
KCVDS Name: WilliamBerlin
Hamachi Name: William Berlin
Timezone + Time you can play : +7.00 GMT , everytime ( except school and sleep ) , Monday to Thursday 8.00 PM TO 9.30 PM , Friday 5.30 PM to 9.00 PM , Saturday (CANT) , Sunday almost everytime

All of time is in my Timezone
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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Team.   

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Concerning the Team.
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