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PostSubject: HSoHK REOPENED   Sun Sep 06, 2009 7:03 pm

After a long time. A well known school of dueling has re-opened. Headcase, well known as one of the greatest duelists in KCVDS has returned to his school. At the moment, it looks to be just a simple academy, because it is. However, Headcase has a greater vision in store for it.

His school was originally intended to help those who need help to perfect their skills, by taking masters in various different parts of dueling and putting them into a coherent group. So, He has asked me to make this call. For all duelists, of all levels to join, to help rebuild what was once there. And eventually to restore it to the greatness that it deserves.

For those that want to join here is the link -> Headcase's School of Hard Knocks

If you would do me a favor, please post that your referral was me in your intro =PP.
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