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 One New Rule

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Phoenix Enforcer

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PostSubject: One New Rule   Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:50 pm

Hello Everyone!

I want to introduce a new rule.
When you TDAC Duel someone you must say which Deck you and your opponent used.
This due to that some decks will get half the amount of TDAC rewarded when used.

The Decks are:

Gladiator Beasts
Synchro Cat

EDIT: New Rule. Suggested mostly by Judai Yuki
When you defeat one of these decks listed, using a deck NOT listed, then you will receive DOUBLE the TDAC.
Here's a little chart thingy for those of you who need it:

Banned Deck VS Banned Deck: Half TDAC
Banned Deck VS Not-Banned Deck: Half TDAC
Not-Banned Deck VS Banned Deck: Double TDAC
Not-Banned Deck VS Not-Banned Deck: Normal, of course.
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One New Rule
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