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 Test Results for arthastastas

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PostSubject: Test Results for arthastastas   Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:37 pm

Decks Warrior Vs. Dragon Synchro Tester

Deck Build 6.5/10 Comments Could of Used D.D Warrior lady several times over Exiled Force.

Dueling Style 5.5/10 Seemed to not know what D.D Warrior lady could do you could of sent my Powertool Dragon out of play.

Use of cards 6/10 Ok use of cards I mean your deck is heavily relient on Exiled Forces.

Combos 4/10 Seemed none really existed just seemed destroy clear the field and attack simple and boring..

Sportsmanship 10/10

2-0 arthastastas

Comments A fine warrior deck just seemed to be a bit relient on some cards and you Didn't use some effects I was looking for, this cost you your evaluation... I really was looking for D.D Warrior ladies effect on 2 occasions but never seen it used... Do you not know how to use this effect properly or is Exiled forces the only destruction tool you have in your deck?? I Didn't see much trap defense either but still this seems like a very reilent on a certain card deck I'm interested to see how you function without exiled forces...

Dorm Recommendation Ra Yellow rank 1/3 you still have much strategy to develop with this deck and I think Ra will give you this chance...
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Phoenix Enforcer
Phoenix Enforcer

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PostSubject: Re: Test Results for arthastastas   Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:21 pm

Either that or
Slifer red 3/3...
i dont understand how you grade xD
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Test Results for arthastastas
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