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 Test Results for Hell Kaiser

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PostSubject: Test Results for Hell Kaiser   Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:54 am

Decks Exodia Vs. Acranite Assault Tester

Deck build 4.5/10 Cyber Jar umm ok I'm sorry this is a banned card and makes no sense in an Exodia deck.

Dueling Style 5/10 Never really set any monster cards was looking for an attack challenge...

Use of Cards 4/10 Seemed to reily heavily on spells and traps and the deck is lacking monsters..

Sportsmanship 9.5/10 Seemed to react a little suprised to my comments

Combos 7/10 Draw combos were amazingly well built for Exodia.

2-0 To Hell Kaiser I could get monsters out with his lack of defense but he always got Exodia so wins were by Exodia.

Dorm Recommendation for now Slifer Red 2/3 with some time and understanding of the banlist I think you will be in Ra in now time...
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Test Results for Hell Kaiser
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