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 Test Results for Nira

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PostSubject: Test Results for Nira   Mon Sep 21, 2009 6:47 pm

Decks Fiend vs. Normal Ritual tester

Deck build 6.5/10 seemed to relient on power monsters

Dueling style 6/10 Seemed to be lax on using your monsters powerful effects

Use of cards 5/10 DAD why Didn't you blow my field with It's effect dude... C'mon It's a power monster for a reason

Combos 3.5/10

Sportsmanship 10/10

2-0 Nira but I'm wondering if you had more monsters that you Didn't know how to use in combos...

Dorm recommendation for now Slifer Red 3/3 this will give you time to study your effects and devlop your deck which I think you need...
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Test Results for Nira
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