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 my dragon exodia deck

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PostSubject: my dragon exodia deck   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:57 pm

OK. I give up, Im gonna swallow my pride and ask for help on this deck.
Theme: Dragon/Exodia 44
monters 23
3 montage dragon
3 Blue eye white dragon
3 totem dragons
2 phantom dragon
3 masked dragons
1 red eyes darkness metal dragon
3 white stone of legend
1 head of exodia
1 left leg
1 right leg
1 left arm
1 right arm

spells 12
3 trade in
1 card trader
3 super rejunivation
1 future fusion
1 fissure
1 dragons mirror
1 pot of avarice
1 swords of revieling light

Traps 9
1 mirror force
3 reckless greed
1 solem jugement
1 dark bribe
3 dimensional prison

3 five headed dragon
3 blue eyes ultamite dragon
varius syncros

OK now the explaination (this is really painful) i use future fusion to send 3 white stone of legends and 2 totem dragons to the grave. White stone effects lets me add 3 blue eyes to my hand. i have masked dragons and the extra totem dragon to fill any holes EX: i draw a white stone. Trade in gets rid of blue eyes, phantom dragons, or even a usless montage from my hand. super rejunivation draws extra from trade in (not aplicable to montage or hand destrution effects as im now learning). red eyes darness metal dragon revives my blue eyes. totem is used for future fusion and to get a blue eyes on the field. card trader lets me get rid of useless cards. swords, mirror force and dimesional prisons for stall. reckless greed for a quick draw. solems, dark bribe, fissures, pot of avarice, dragons mirror, if you cant guess what these are for than i dont want your opinion . This deck mills so increadably fast that exodia is an very logic addition, I have acutally won more times with exodia than montage.
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my dragon exodia deck
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