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 My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)

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Rising Prodigy

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PostSubject: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:39 am

First topic message reminder :

so i finally decided to make my first fan fic ever based on my Rising card series. and here it is at last. now remember, this is my first one i've ever done so be nice ahaa.


if you want to see my Rising card Archetype, click the following link:

Chapter 1 – the new kid in town

name: Ryan Karino
age: 17
deck type: Rising
Spirit Partner: Raziel, Rising Dawn

*We begin with Ryan sitting on a bench in a town he just moved to with his grandfather. The town is Corona, California. It’s about 4 o’clock and Ryan is just chilling their with his eyes closed when all of a sudden you hear Raziel’s voice right before appearing their next to him.

Raziel: Hey! What in the world do you think your doing?!

Ryan: (spastically) Whoa! Huh! Whaaaa? (Turns to see Raziel) Ohh, hey Raz what’s up?

Raziel: What’s up? What’s up is your grandfather told you to do one very small task while he went away for the day and you have yet to do that!

Ryan: (thinking deeply) Ohh right I forgot. Sorry. So…what did he want again?

Raziel: (sighs) You’re so hopeless…he wanted you to go get more bread for him cause you ate it all.

Ryan: If I’m as hopeless as you say I am, why do you continue to stick around with me ayy?

Raziel: (laughing) You know, I ask myself the same thing. But don’t forget I can leave whenever I want.

Ryan: (shocked) Whaaa? No don’t say that Raziel! I could never take another easy breath again if you were to leave!

Raziel: (laughing some more) So, I’m like asthma?

Ryan: (laughing with her now) Ahahaa. Let’s get the bread.

*Raziel Disapears. Ryan finally stands up and starts walking in the direction of the store.

Ryan: Umm. Hey Raz? I dont know where the store is...

Raziel’s voice: why don’t you ask around then? See that guy right there? ask him for directions.

*Ryan runs up to the man as the man turns around. They bump into each other. Turns out this man is easily tempered.

Man: Hey! Watch we’re ya going! Ya dig what I’m sayin?

Ryan: Whoa sorry bro. Chill out. (Whispering to Raziel) I think this guy thinks he’s ghetto ahaa.

Man: Who are you talking to now punk?

Ryan: (with some attitude) no one you can prove. Now who exactly are you?

Zach: the names Zach. And I don’t like your tude.

Ryan: Yea? Well you better get used to it cause my "tude's" not leaving. So what are you gonna do?

*Zach takes out a duel disk.

Ryan: You want to duel?

Zach: Is that not obvious? You’re a duelist aren’t ya?

Ryan: You better believe it.

Zach: So then lets go.

Ryan: You’re on!

*Raziel appears next to Ryan.

Raziel: Ryan, you’re being sidetracked again. The bread remember? Your grandpa’s coming home soon.

Ryan: Ah Raz you worry too much. This’ll be over quick.

Ryan & Zach: (together) Let’s duel!

Last edited by Ryan on Sun Oct 18, 2009 3:40 pm; edited 35 times in total
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Rising Prodigy

Posts : 446
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:22 pm

Chapter 12 – The First Victim Part 3

*The first face-off started between Ryan and Dark Zach last chapter. The duel seems to go back and forth without any side giving in. the duel looks like it could go either way. Both Ryan’s Rising White aura and Dark Zach’s Dark Blackish-purple aura are still visable.

Dark Zach’s LP = 100
Ryan’s LP = 1600

Sarah: it looks like Ryan has the edge right now.

Dark Zach: now that it’s my turn again, your Raziel’s attack points drop back down to her mere 500. so I draw! (now holding 4 cards.) first i activate Foolish Burial to send Armageddon Knight from my deck to the graveyard. and now with 3 dark monsters in my graveyard I can now call upon the mighty, Dark Armed Dragon! [Dark Armed Dragon/Dragon/Effect/Dark/7/Atk/2800/Def/1000/This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by having exactly 3 DARK monsters in your Graveyard. You can remove from play 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard to destroy 1 card on the field.]

*Dark Armed Dragon appears out of a black-purple aura on the field. Dark Zach’s 3 monsters are 2x Mystic Tomato and Armageddon Knight.

Dark Zach: and with my new dragon’s ability I can remove all 3 dark monsters in my graveyard to destroy 3 of your cards! So I remove my monsters and destroy your Aeolus and your 2 face down cards. (starts to laugh viciously)

*Dark Armed Dragon roars, unleashing an Aura that destroys Ryan’s cards. Aeolus, Rising Miracle, and Rising Call are sent to the graveyard.

Dark Zach: now your Raziel can go one on one with my Dark Dragon. Dark Armed Dragon ATTACK!

*Dark Armed Dragon fires a blackish-purple wave out of its mouth right towards Raziel.

Ryan: sorry but I remove Rising Miracle in my graveyard from play to negate your attack!

*a shapeless figure expands in front of Raziel forming a shield, protecting her from the attack.

Dark Zach: (angered) fine. I switch my tomato to defense mode. Then I’ll place this face down and end my turn.

*turn moves to Ryan.

Ryan: my turn (draws a card now holding 2 cards) oh man this bites. He has no monsters left in his graveyard so I cant use Raziel’s effect. Guess I’ll have to go with plan B. I summon Venothayan, Rising Thunder in Defense Mode.

*lightning strikes the field and Venothayan stands tall.

Ryan: next, with my Venothayan’s ability, I’ll send Raziel off to my graveyard to destroy your Dark Armed Dragon.

*Raziel disappears and Venothayan sends thunder from his hand to Dark Armed Dragon causing him to be destroyed.

Dark Zach: what? No that did not just happen!

Ryan: (laughs) yea it did. next I’m gonna knock a face down and end my turn.

*turn moves to Dark Zach.

Dark Zach: I draw (draws a card now holding 3 cards.) I switch my Tomato to attack mode, and then I’ll summon my Dark Crusader! [Dark Crusader/Warrior/Effect/Dark/4/Atk/1600/Def/200/You can send 1 DARK monster from your hand to the Graveyard to have this card gain 400 ATK.]

Sarah: Ryan that Crusader has attack points equal to your Life Points! If his attacks work then its all over!

Ryan: (nervously) Sarah, I know…

Dark Zach: (laughs maniacally) these next 2 attacks determine your future Ryan! Mystic tomato attack his Rising Thunder!

*Mystic Tomato smashes into Venothayan causing him to be destroyed.

Dark Zach: and now Dark Crusader end Ryan’s life!

Ryan: don’t think so I play my trap card Sakuretsu Armor! With this I can destroy your attacking monster.

*Dark Crusader explodes and is destroyed.

Dark Zach: lucky draw there kid. It’s your move. Lets see what you can do with no hand or field.

*Turn moves to Ryan.

Ryan: ok this is the moment. i draw (holding 1 card) I activate Rising Blessing!

Ryan: with this I can take a Rising monster from my graveyard and add it to my hand. Oh yea, I also gain 700 Life Points.

*a small glowing white figure appears in front of Ryan, then moves onto Ryan giving him 700 Life Points. Current LP = 2300.

Ryan: and now I’ll add my Aeolus, Rising Wind back to my hand. Now Aeolus, you’re on in attack mode!

*a fierce wind plagues the field and Aeolus is formed.

Dark Zach: (to himself) what? With him back out I wont be able to play my Mirror Force!

*Ryan’s white aura waves rapidly.

Ryan: Aeolus attack his Mystic Tomato with Hurricane Sword!

*Aeolus begins to get the Rising aura around him as he lunges toward Mystic Tomato. Aeolus swings his sword causing a ferocious wind to fly at Mystic Tomato, causing him to be destroyed and Dark Zach to take 300 points of damagedropping his points to 0. The darkness controlling Zach is forced to let him go. The wind is fierce, causing everyone to get blown back. The wind dies down, the darkness disappears, and Zach’s body is left on the ground bruised and pretty banged up.

Ryan: look it’s Zach! He made it!

Sarah: (relieved) thank god.

Ryan: (running over to Zach) yea he’s ok! (looks at Zach’s body) um, I think so anyway...

*Sarah runs over and sees Zach’s body to be badly wounded. Sarah whips out her phone and calls 911. a few moments later, the cops show up along with an ambulance.

Cop: how did this happen?

Ryan: we-

Sarah: we don’t know. This house is my house and that house is my friend Ryan's (points to Ryan) I walked outside and saw Zach on the ground so I ran and got Ryan.

Cop: wait so you know this guy?

Ryan: yea, I dueled him on my first day in town. I moved here about a month ago.

Cop: well I cant talk to you right now, but we have some questions for the both of you. But right now I have to help this kid.

Ryan and Sarah: right.

*the cops take a stretcher from the ambulance and lay Zach on it. not even minutes later the ambulance drives off. The Cop takes Ryan and Sarah into the car and heads for the police station.

Sarah: (whispering to Ryan) Ryan, what are we going to tell them?

Ryan: I don’t know Sarah. I don’t know…
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Phoenix Enforcer

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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:35 pm

Its not AS good as the other but its shorter, but it stilll gets the point accross nice chapter Ryan
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Rising Prodigy

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:37 pm

Phoenix Enforcer wrote:
Its not AS good as the other but its shorter, but it stilll gets the point accross nice chapter Ryan

i hope you would expect (as did i) that some chapters were not going to be as good as others lol. but yea you basically stated why. this was to get the point across.
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Rising Prodigy

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Age : 25
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:36 pm

Chapter 13 – The Mysterious Glow

*after a long battle against the first attempt of the dark force, Ryan was able to pull through at the end and win. but as a result, Zach was seriously injured. Sarah called for help, which came, but then Ryan and Sarah were brought to the Police Station for a Q&A.

Cop: so, you said you don’t know anything about what happened to Zach?

Sarah: (hesitating) yes, that’s right.

Cop: and you didn’t see anyone else around?

Sarah: no, but I didn’t exactly try to look.

Cop: right cause getting to your friend Ryan was what had to be done first here…

Sarah: I didn’t know what else to do. That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Cop: who is in charge of you at home?

Sarah: my mother and my father. But they both work late.

Cop: (writing this down) ok. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about Ryan?

Sarah: I guess not…

Cop: alright. When did you first meet him?

Sarah: are you really trying to accuse Ryan of doing this? He would never try to harm anyone unless the situation called for it.

Cop: don’t talk back. Just answer the question.

Sarah: it was about a month ago. he had first came to town. He seemed lost, so I offered to show him around.

Cop: (writing this down) has he ever made any threats or threat-like gestures toward you or anyone else?

Sarah: no.

Cop: then that will be all for today. You may here from us again, you may not. Good day Sarah.

*Sarah leaves the room. Ryan is waiting outside the door. Their eyesight’s cross paths. Sarah nods, and Ryan gives her a thumbs up before walking into the room for his turn. When Ryan gets inside the room a cop points him in the direction of a chair. Ryan sits down. The cop takes out a notepad and pen and the Q&A begins.

Cop: ok Ryan we just have a couple of questions for you here. Now, your last name is Karino right?

*Ryan nods.

Cop: so you are the son of John and Katherine Karino yes?

*Ryan nods.

Cop: not big on the words here are you sonny?

*Ryan shakes his head.

Cop: well then. Here’s a question for you. Are you aware of your father’s recent imprisonment?

*Ryan nods.

Cop: yea he was in there for a crapload of crimes wasn’t he Ryan? DUI and assault for example.

Ryan: (with a blank look on his face) I don’t have to answer to that, it’s not a matter to this issue.

Cop: oh but you see Ryan, it is. Your family is very suspicious to us so we have to take every precaution while dealing with this matter. Now no back talk. Here’s your next question. You have a self-control issue. Right Ryan?

Ryan: I’m slowly dealing with it…but my family’s shame is what I am trying to get away from. That’s why I moved here.

Cop: who do you live with now that is in charge of you?

Ryan: my grandpa.

Cop: right right. so since your not giving me any information about what happened, I’m gonna guess. You got ticked off at this guy, Zach, so you went after him.

Ryan: that’s ridiculous. My anger issue isn’t that bad…besides if that were true Sarah wouldn’t of called you guys in the first place nor would I have stayed.

Cop: (writing this down) next question. What were you doing when you heard from Sarah?

Ryan: Sarah came knocking on my door sounding desperate for my help. I was watching tv when I heard my door and Sarah’s crying voice. I rushed to see what was wrong and saw Zach there on the ground in his condition.

Cop: (writing this down) if you had seen Zach before Sarah came to you, would your first intention of been to kill him?

Ryan: no. if anything, he would have wanted to kill me. but not literally of course.

Cop: explain.

Ryan: I dueled him and won my first day here in Corona. Then a few days later, he had his brother challenge me to a duel for revenge. His brother lost to me and that angered him. I could tell he wanted revenge.

Cop: you must be quite the duelist then sonny.

Ryan: no one can compare to my cards. Me and my cards are 1 as a whole.

Cop: do you have your cards on you?

Ryan: yes…

Cop: can I see them? Not like you have a choice.

*Ryan hands his deck over to the cop. As the cop tried to pick it up, the white Aura formed around the cards and the cops hand got a tiny zap but enough zap to keep his hand away. It seemed as if the cop could not see the aura around the cards.

Cop: ow. (confused) so you had absolutely no clue that Zach was injured?

Ryan: (taking his cards back) no, not until Sarah came to get me.

Cop: so the fact that there are cuts and scrapes on your body as well have nothing to do with this?

Ryan: I went in the woods, fell down into some bushes. Too lazy to change clothes.

Cop: (writing this down) ok. Well your free to go for now. Perhaps we’ll meet again.

*Ryan stands up and heads to the door. He puts his hand on the nob when the cop starts to talk again.

Cop: Ryan…we’ll be watching you.

*Ryan walks out the door. He and Sarah meet outside the police station.

Sarah: so how’d it go?

Ryan: I don’t know. I told them as little as possible. But while I was in there something strange happened.

Sarah: like what?

Ryan: well, the cop tried to look at my deck, but then the Rising Aura surrounded the cards and the cop’s hand was zapped. It didn’t seem like the cop could see the aura either. he didn’t mention anything about it, but I could see what happened.

Sarah: that is odd. I wonder why he can’t see the aura?

Ryan: I want to say it’s because he’s not a duelist. But I don’t know for sure…but the things he said to me in there...I don’t think they’re ever going to believe me. Especially with my family’s history…

Sarah: your family?

Ryan: yea. My family isn’t exactly known for having a clean record. My dad was arrested for quite a lot of reasons. My mom drank a lot because of this and that never ended well for me. So one day I decided I had enough. I ran away across the country to this town.

Sarah: well If theres one thing I've learned, its that you make your own family. And if you ask me, you’ve created a wonderful new family. So come on, lets go home.

*Ryan calls his grandpa to come take home him and Sarah. Grandpa is confused about why they were here in the first place.

Grandpa: so Ryan, why were you guys here in the first place? Should I be worried?

Ryan: no its ok gramps. (lying) There was just a kid in the road who was injured so Sarah called 911 when she found him. then she ran and got me and the cops asked us questions. That’s all…

Grandpa: oh I see. So your both ok?

Ryan: yea, I’m fine.

Grandpa: and you Sarah?

Sarah: yes.

Grandpa: well how about some ice cream then?

Ryan: (completely forgetting everything that just happened) sweet! I love ice cream! We all scream for ice cream! I think that’s how the theme goes…

Sarah: (laughing) sure ice cream sounds good.

Grandpa: so its settled then! Too the ice cream store who’s name escapes my mind.

Ryan: (laughs) as does everything Gramps…

*Ryan and Sarah eat and enjoy their ice cream. After that, Sarah went back home. Ryan watches tv for a little while, then goes to bed. As he tries too fall asleep, he notices a glow coming from his desk. He walks to this light and notices that its his deck glowing a Blueish-White.

Ryan: what in the world is going on?
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Rising Prodigy

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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:29 pm

Chapter 14 - Cicera

*Ryan and Sarah answered questions that cops wanted answers to last chapter. They both lied, of course. But after that Ryan’s grandfather took them out for ice cream. They finally enjoyed themselves after a week of suspense. After the ice cream Sarah went home and Ryan went off to bed. As he tried to fall asleep, he saw a white light coming from across the room. It was coming from his cards on his desk. Ryan got up, wondering what was going on.

*The deck was glowing brighter now, and it seemed to just get brighter until the light took up the whole room. Ryan closed his eyes and hoped this wasn’t a plan of darkness. When Ryan opens his eyes, he sees that he is no longer in his room, but in an empty space of nothing but a blueish-white light.

Ryan: whoa. Where am i?

*Ryan walks around for a little bit then calls out.

Ryan: hey! Is anybody here?!

*there is no answer. Ryan starts to wonder if he’ll ever get back home. he starts to sit down as he hears a pure females voice.

Voice: Ryan, I have called you here to give you some information about the darkness.

Ryan: well ok…wait, who is this?

Cicera: my name is Cicera.

*a blueish-white colored Phoenix appears in front of him. its color is exactly the same as the Rising Aura and the glow that kept appearing.

Ryan: wow.

Cicera: listen to me Ryan. The darkness is going to stop at nothing to make sure you don’t interfere with their plan. They will do whatever it takes. Whether its going after closest friends or family members.

Ryan: that’s not fair! I have to get back to my world right now Cicera. Sarah is home alone almost all day long. When morning comes, I have to be there with her!

Cicera: im aware of the situation. And do not worry you are still home. all this is just an image I created to talk to you.

Ryan: well that’s good. But please I have to get to Sarah. Something tells me that she’s in trouble.

Cicera: as you wish. I have shared my information with you anyway. But this will not be the first and last time we meet Ryan.

*Cicera fades away and so does the rest of the illusion. Ryan grabs his deck and duel disk. As he runs out his bedroom door, he notices something about the top card on his deck. It was Cicera, otherwise known as the Rising Aura.

*Ryan was glad to see that Cicera was one of his cards now. He puts his deck in his deck belt and attaches his duel disk. He heads out the door, down the stairs, and sneaks out the back door. He starts running to Sarah’s house when he notices the black Aura emanating from her bedroom window.

Ryan: oh no. (calling out to her) Sarah!

*no answer. Ryan heads to her front door but its locked. He tries her back door as well but its also locked.

Ryan: ah crap. Sorry Sarah, I’ll buy you a new window.

*Ryan runs full force at one of Sarah’s downstairs windows. He throws himself with his back hitting first, covers his face, and then rolls on the ground. Ryan gets up, and starts heading for the stairs. The scene now takes us to Sarah. Sarah is trying to get away from the Aura that came through her window. She tries throwing her lamps, and then in a desperate attempt, her clothes (no not the ones she’s wearing…)

Sarah: get away from me! (throws a shoe)

*the aura doesn’t listen. It keeps getting closer and closer as it envelopes more of her room. Sarah screams and its at that moment that Ryan opens her door and comes barging in.

Ryan: stay away from her!

*the Rising Aura surrounds Ryan again, and then as if it erupted, the Aura spreads all over the room driving away the Dark Aura.

Ryan: (relieved) you alright Sarah?

Sarah: yea, now I am. Thank you. But how did you know I was in trouble?

Ryan: I got a hunch. And actually, when I was in my room I was brought to what seemed like an empty space with the color of the Rising Aura. There I met a Phoenix named Cicera. She warned me about how aggressive this darkness is and the first thing that I thought of was them coming for you. And for once, I wish I was wrong.

Sarah: yea…me to…

Ryan: but hey look at this. Cicera is now one of my cards. (holds up Cicera)

Sarah: aw she’s pretty. (laughs)

Ryan: anyway, I’m not leaving this house for awhile, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Sarah: (pointing to a couch) well lucky for you this couch is also a pull out bed. You can lay there. I’ll be on my bed of course.

*Ryan and Sarah attempt to fall asleep, but are finding it difficult to clear their minds out. The scene now takes us to Kenny, Zach’s older brother. He is walking around outside. The time is about 3 AM when he passes a bench. He decides to sit down.

Kenny: (angry) jeez Ryan…it wasn’t enough for you to just win but you had to hospitalize my brother too?! Well forget a duel. I’m coming after you Ryan. You’re dead.

*Kenny stands back up and starts to walk to Ryan’s house. About halfway there, he hears a rushing sound. The wind picks up. When Kenny turns around he sees this Blackish-Purple wave towering over him. it slams down over him and consumes him after he tells Kenny the same thing he told Zach – that he is a Dark minion wanting Ryan dead.

Dark Kenny: oh what a wonderful host. Not only does he want Ryan dead, but hes got some buffness as well. And his anger toward Ryan is just what I like to see. Yes this body will do nicely.

*Dark Kenny is surrounded by the dark Aura and then vanishes into the air. He reappears in front of Ryan’s house, but he seems confused.

Dark Kenny: hmm? I don’t sense Ryan here.

*Dark Kenny focuses on trying to find Ryan’s presence. He senses Ryan in the next house over – Sarah’s. Dark Kenny disappears. Scene takes us back to Ryan and Sarah. Sarah fell asleep, but Ryan still lies awake. He’s been staring at Cicera’s card all night. A few moments later, the wind picks up inside the room. Sarah wakes up to this.

Sarah: whats going on?!

Ryan: just stay back! The Dark Minion is back. I can feel it.

*the Dark Aura appears in the middle of the room and Dark Kenny materializes.

Dark Kenny: ahh there you are Ryan. I’ve been looking for you.

Ryan: no…Kenny now too?

Dark Kenny: (maniacal laugh) that’s right. We’ll do whatever it takes.

Ryan: yea so I’ve heard.

Dark Kenny: since you’ve already done this before I don’t have to explain anything. You ready to duel Ryan?

Ryan: fine.

Sarah: no. your opponent will be me.

Ryan: (confused) but why Sarah?

Sarah: you are still in bad shape from your last encounter with these guys. I wont have you duel again till your in good condition.

Ryan: but Sarah, I’m fine. really.

Sarah: I’m not changing my mind Ryan. Now Kenny, do you accept my challenge?

Dark Kenny: why not. Could be fun. After all once I finish you off I’ll just go right after Ryan when you lose anyway.

Sarah: don’t count on it.

*Honest appears.

Honest: Sarah! you dont have to do this!

Sarah: yes i do. i'll be fine dont worry about me. if anything happens to Ryan then we're all done for. but if something happens to me then you're all still safe.

Ryan: Sarah...i wont let you get hurt. i promise.

*Sarah nods and Raziel appears.

Raziel: Ryan you cant let her do this!

Ryan: believe me Raziel I don’t want her to. But she has her heart set on this duel. I’ve got no choice. She’s only looking out for me Raz.

Raziel: welll alright. But im not leaving till the duel is over.

Ryan: don’t worry. If they try any funny stuff I’m interfering.

*Sarah takes out her deck and places it in her duel disk. Dark Kenny’s arm glows black and a duel disk is formed with a deck inside. Both players draw their opening hands and their Life Points are set to 4000.

Sarah: lets do this!

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:05 am

Chapter 15 - Sarah’s Pride

*While Ryan was trying to sleep, he was disturbed by a bright light emanating from his cards. Ryan closed his eyes and when he opened them, he found himself in some barren empty space. Moments later a Phoenix named Cicera revealed herself to Ryan. Cicera warned Ryan about how aggressive the Dark Minions can be. Ryan realized that they could be going after Sarah next so he asked Cicera to return him home. turns out that Ryan never left though, it was all just an image. When the image faded, Ryan had a new card in his deck – Cicera, Rising Blizzard. Ryan rushed to Sarah’s house to find out that he was correct about the darkness going after Sarah. He managed to save her in the nick of time, but the next Dark Minion found Ryan’s whereabouts when he was inside Sarah’s house by consuming Zach’s brother Kenny, becoming Dark Kenny. Dark Kenny challenged Ryan to a duel, but Sarah didn’t think he was in the right condition from his last encounter with the Dark Minions. So Sarah took Ryan’s place in the duel. the Minion laughs, but accepts her challenge.

Sarah: now that we’re all straightened out, I’ll start our duel (draws a card)

Ryan: Sarah, good luck.

Sarah: thanks Ryan. Now then, I summon Shining Angel in defense mode! [Shining Angel/4//LIGHT/Fairy/ATK 1400/DEF 800/Effect/When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT monster with an ATK of 1500 or less in face-up Attack Position from your Deck. Then shuffle your Deck.]

*a bright yellow light shines on the field, and Shining Angel appears.

Sarah: next I’ll discard my Zeradius from my hand to add The Sanctuary in the Sky from my deck to my hand. And now I activate my Sanctuary! [the Sanctuary in the Sky - Battle Damage to the controller of a Fairy-Type monster from a battle involving that Fairy-Type monster becomes 0.]

*clouds appear behind Sarah, followed by the tall Sanctuary.

Sarah: now that my Fairy’s are safe from battle damage, I’ll end my turn by placing 2 cards face down.

*turn moves to Dark Kenny.

Dark Kenny: so this will truly be a battle between Light and Darkness. Well this just got more interesting. (draws a card) I summon Armageddon Knight in attack mode! [Armageddon Knight/DARK/Warrior/4/1400/1200/Effect/When this card is Summoned, you can send 1 DARK monster from your Deck to the Graveyard.]

*Armageddon Knight arises out of the Dark Aura.

Dark Kenny: with my knight now in play, I can send 1 Dark monster to my graveyard from my deck. I choose my Pitch-Black Warwolf.

*Pitch-Black Warwolf is sent to the graveyard.

Dark Kenny: now Armageddon Knight attack her Shining Angel!

*Armageddon Knight’s sword is surrounded by the Dark Aura as he slashes his sword on Shining Angel. Shining Angel is destroyed.

Sarah: not bad, but you’ve activated my angels ability. Now I can summon 1 Light monster from my deck in attack mode with 1500 attack points or less. I chose, my Nova Summoner. [Nova Summoner/LIGHT/4/Fairy/1400/800/Effect/ When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT Fairy-Type monster with 1500 or less ATK from your Deck. If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is on the field, you can Special Summon 1 "Airknight Parshath" instead.]

*Nova Summoner emerges out of a bright Light.

Dark Kenny: that was just 1 weakling for another.

Sarah: really? Cause our monsters strengths are the same…

Dark Kenny: don’t get wise with me little lady. Now then, I’ll place these 2 cards face down and end my turn.

*Turn moves to Sarah.

Sarah: my draw now (draws a card now holding 3 cards) I place 1 card face down, and then summon Mudora in attack mode! [Mudora/LIGHT/4/Fairy/1500/1800/Effect/The ATK of this card increases by 200 points for every Fairy-Type monster in your Graveyard.]

*a light appears and Mudora materializes.

Sarah: and my Mudora gets an extra 200 attack points for ever fairy in my graveyard. So since I have 2 that’s 400 points for a grand total of 1900.

*Mudora shines as her attack points rise to 1900. Fairy’s in grave are 1x Shining Angel and 1x Zeradius, Herald of Heaven.

Sarah: now Nova Summoner attack his Knight.

*Nova Summoner glows and fires light from the circle her body forms.

Dark Kenny: nice try but I play my Mirror force! [Mirror Force - Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Destroy all Attack Position monsters your opponent controls.]

Sarah: a good attempt, but I play my trap card Dark Bribe. [Dark Bribe - Negate the activation and effect of an opponent's Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. Your opponent draws 1 card.] with this I can negate the effect of your Mirror Force and destroy it. but don’t worry, you get to draw 1 card.

*Dark Kenny draws a card from his deck now holding 4 cards. Nova Summoner’s attack hits Armageddon Knight dead on. Armageddon Knight is destroyed and the explosion carries over to Nova Summoner, therefore destroying her. Airknight Parshath takes Nova’s place. [Airknight Parshath/LIGHT/5/1900/1400/When this card attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of a Defense Position monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, draw 1 card from your Deck.]

Dark Kenny: wait where did he come from?

Sarah: oh I guess I forgot to mention that when Nova Summoner is destroyed I can summon another Light Fairy monster with 1500 attack points or less.

Dark Kenny: ok. But your Parshath has 1900 attack points?!

Sarah: if I use Nova’s effect while the Sanctuary in the Sky is in play, I can also chose to bring out an Airknight Parshath from my deck. And now that he’s out I’ll attack you directly with Mudora!

*Mudora lunges forward and slashes Dark Kenny with her dagger. Dark Kenny loses 1900 Life Points. Current LP = 2100. Ryan notices a drop of blood fall from Dark Kenny where he was hit.

Ryan: Sarah be careful! Remember, the real Kenny is the one who takes the hit not the Dark Minion!

Dark Kenny: (struggling) yes that’s right Sarah. Everything is real, it seems that you forgot that. Well here was your reminder. Now then, do you really want to attack me and risk hurting Kenny even more? Or do you want to end your turn?

Sarah: I guess that I…I en-

Ryan: don’t even think about it for a second Sarah! He’s trying to play tricks on you so that he can get the advantage back. But look at the field. he has no monsters out. Another direct blow and this duel is 1 step closer to ending in our favor. I know it’s hard but trust me on this, you have to attack.

*Sarah is really stuck on this 1 decision. She doesn’t know if she wants to risk it and attack, or to just play it safe.

Sarah: (to herself) what should I do…

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:13 am

gosh just freaking attack lol its just like with Tea not letting yugi attack seto in duealist kingdom, what shrews lol jk nice chapter either way
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:21 am

Phoenix Enforcer wrote:
gosh just freaking attack lol its just like with Tea not letting yugi attack seto in duealist kingdom, what shrews lol jk nice chapter either way

lol that has to be the number 1 comment i have received about this chapter. that she wont attack. i know if it wqas me, or really anyone else, in this situation then i would have attacked without a seconds thought.

but, its a story so i gotta keep some suspense ahaa. so thanks for reading im glad you like it and im glad your keeping up with the chapters.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:14 pm

Chapter 16 - Sarah’s Pride Part 2

*the duel begins between Sarah and the Dark Minion controlling Kenny. Sarah manages to take the upper hand, but Ryan reminds her that Kenny’s body feels all the pain and not the minion. This gives Sarah a difficult decision, whether to continue her attacks, or to end the duel.

Sarah: (to herself) what should I do? Do I attack and risk hurting Kenny, or play it safe for now? god it seems like this decision should be so easy. So why am I having difficulty?

*Ryan can tell that Sarah is going through a tough time right now. He wants to help her out, but doesn’t know how.

Dark Kenny: well what are you gonna do Sarah? We’re all waiting.

Sarah: i…i…

Dark Kenny: tell you what, I’ll make the decision easier for you. I’m gonna skip to the part where I just kill you!

Sarah: what?

Ryan: no!

*Dark Kenny’s Dark Aura appears around him and it erupts in Sarah’s direction. A wave of death is basically heading her way.

Ryan: (angry) I wont let you do this Kenny!

*Ryan’s Rising White Aura forms around him. it burns so rapidly that it gets a tint of Blue in it. Ryan’s Aura emanates from him and forms the shape of a Phoenix. Ryan hears Cicera’s voice.

Cicera: don’t worry Ryan. I’ve got her.

*Cicera flies into the Dark Wave caused from Kenny and in a loud explosion the 2 Aura’s colors spread out across the area. The wind is strong and a little bit of the Dark Aura flies right by Ryan causing his right arm to be damaged. After a few seconds pass the field returns to normal and both Aura’s vanish.

Ryan: (grabbing his right arm) well that was intense.

Raziel: I cant believe you can still joke at a time like this.

Ryan: I guess its what I do. Someone’s gotta stay positive. (to Sarah) hey you ok over there?

Sarah: im good. And you know what? That little stunt just now convinced me. I can’t let someone like you get away with this Kenny. so guess what I’m gonna do now? Im going to attack with my Airknight Parshath!

*Airknight Parshath lunges toward Dark Kenny and slashes his sword across Dark Kenny’s chest. A scrape appears on his chest with a tiny bit of blood dripping out. Dark Kenny’s Life Points drop by another 1900.

Dark Kenny’s Life Points = 200
Sarah’s Life Points = 4000

Sarah: and thanks to my Parshath’s effect I get to draw 1 card from my deck.

*Sarah draws a card and is now holding 2 cards. Dark Kenny stands tall, while placing his hand over his chest, after that last attack from Sarah.

Dark Kenny: yes keep them coming, Sarah.

Sarah: that mind trick won’t work anymore Kenny. so don’t even bother. Now then I’ll place 1 card down and let you go.

*turn moves to Dark Kenny.

Dark Kenny: alrighty then my draw. (now holding 5 cards) I play 2 Fiend’s Sanctuary cards from my hand! [Fiend’s Sanctuary - Special Summon 1 "Metal Fiend Token" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). It cannot attack. When this Token battles, the opponent takes any Battle Damage its controller would have taken. Pay 1000 Life Points during each of your Standby Phases. If you do not, destroy the "Metal Fiend Token".] and now I releasee both tokens to summon, my loyal servant of Darkness, Dark Horus! [Dark Horus/8/DARK/Dragon/3000/1800/ Once per turn, when a Spell Card is activated during your opponent's Main Phase, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 DARK monster from your Graveyard.]

*the Dark Aura erupts onto the field as if it were a burning flames as Dark Horus rises out of it.

Ryan: loyal servant? So each Dark Minion has their own card of Darkness?

Dark Kenny: yes. Mine is my Horus. And I’m sure you can figure out who the last Minion’s servant was.

Ryan: Dark Armed Dragon…

Dark Kenny: ah your not as dumb as you look boy.

Ryan: um, I didn’t think I looked dumb…like, at all.

Dark Kenny: I’ve had enough of you brats. This is why I hate teenagers...

Ryan: hey I heard that!

Dark Kenny: anyway…back to the duel. I play Heavy Storm. With this I’ll destroy all spell and trap cards out.

Sarah: don’t think so cause I have a familiar trap known as Dark Bribe! So your storm is reduced to a nice summer breeze.

Dark Kenny: (aggravated) not this again.

*Heavy Storm is sent to the graveyard and Dark Kenny Draws a card. Cards in hand = 2.

Dark Kenny: Horus attack her Parshath with Dark Saber Flame!

*Dark Horus opens its mouth as a dark ball is formed and Horus fires it toward Airknight Parshath.

Sarah: sorry but I play my Dimensional Prison to remove your monster from play! [Dimensional Prison - Activate only when your opponent declares an attack. Remove from play the attacking monster.]

Ryan: alright Sarah. Way ta’ go!

Dark Kenny: that’s not enough to stop me! Go trap card Dark Illusion! [Dark Illusion - Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that targets a face-up DARK monster, and destroy that card.] with this I can now negate your little trap. Nice try Sarah.

Ryan: (worried) so the attack will hit?!

Dark Kenny: exactly. Horus finish where you left off attack that knight!

*Horus’s flame breaks through the trap Sarah tried to play and hits Airknight Parshath dead on. A little bit of the flame hits Sarah and burns part of her right sleeve and a tiny burn on her right arm.

Sarah: (blowing off her arm) ow, hot, hot, hot.

Ryan: just hang in there Sarah.

Sarah: its all good Ryan. Snow Kenny since my field spell is still out I don’t take any damage from your attack.

Dark Kenny: well you still feel pain and that’s good enough for me. You’ll lose in time just wait and see. Now then I’ll place 1 card face down and end my turn.

*Turn moves to Sarah.

Sarah: here I go. (draws a card now holding 2 cards) since there’s another fairy in my grave my Mudora now has 2100 attack points.

*Mudora shines as her attack points rise another 200 to 2100.

Sarah: next I summon my Agent of Judgment – Saturn by sacrificing my Mudora. [The Agent of Judgment – Saturn/6/FAIRY/Light/2400/0/ If your Life Points are higher than your opponent's Life Points, activate this card's effect by Releasing this card from your side of the field. Inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the difference between your and your opponent's Life Points. If "The Sanctuary in the Sky" is not on your side of the field, this effect is not applied. When you activate this effect, you cannot conduct your Battle Phase this turn.]

*Saturn rises out of a shining light that shines from inside the Sanctuary in the Sky and stops once she gets in front of Sarah.

Dark Kenny: well it’s a decent monster, but how about playing something stronger than my Dark Horus. Your monster only has 2400 and my Horus has 3000. you don’t plan on attacking do you?

Sarah: actually, no I don’t. what I plan on doing is using my decks secret weapon. You see there’s a reason I try to keep my Life Points high. Its so I can use effects like my Agent of Judgment – Saturn. See when my points are higher than yours you take damage equal to the difference in our Life Points.

Dark Kenny: wait so that’s…

Ryan: a big fat 3800 points of damage headed toward Kenny! nice going Sarah!

Sarah: Saturn, lets end this shall we? I Sacrifice my Agent to play her Special Effect! Game over Kenny!

*The Agent of Judgment – Saturn hovers toward Dark Kenny’s side of the field. Saturn unleashes a blinding light that destroys everything on Dark Kenny’s field and causes Dark Kenny to lose 3800 points. Current Life Points = 0. the Dark Aura forms around Kenny but then is torn away from him and floats in the air. Ryan’s White Aura forms and he holds his left arm out and unleashes a wave of his Aura to penetrate the Darkness. The Dark Aura fades away and the field returns to normal. Ryan’s Aura fades and he runs over to Sarah.

Ryan: well, you did it Sarah.

Sarah: yea I guess I did. but c’mon lets check on Kenny.

Ryan: right.

*Ryan and Sarah run over to Kenny’s body. It has a couple of bruises and scrapes, but its nothing as serious as Zach’s incident. They are both relieved. Ryan carries Kenny to the Hospital just in case.

Ryan: excuse me, nurse?

Nurse: yes can I help you?

Ryan: this man was lying in the road. He seems fine but I just wanted to be sure.

Nurse: ok we’ll see what we can do.

Sarah: thank you.

Nurse: but don’t leave yet, there are going to be some police officers who would want to talk to you.

*Ryan and Sarah look at each other nervously and they know this isn’t going to end well.

Ryan: Sarah we gotta stop helping people…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 4:31 pm

Lol helping people never brings anything good. Good chapter
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:12 pm

Phoenix Enforcer wrote:
Lol helping people never brings anything good. Good chapter

lol guess not. thanks for readingg.

now im just waiting for your next chapter lmao.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:46 am

Chapter 17 – The Next Threat

*in the last chapter the duel between Sarah and the 2nd Dark Minion continued, but the problem was that Sarah did not know if she wanted to risk harming Kenny with her attacks or to just play it safe. The Dark Minion controlling Kenny became impatient, so he just skipped to the part where he tries to kill Sarah. He unleashes a wave of darkness on Sarah. Ryan was not going to let this happen. He manages to save her by somehow summoning the spirit of Cicera and Cicera slammed into the wave, therefore making it vanish. Sarah realized how heartless and ruthless the Dark Minion’s were so she was then convinced that she has to attack Kenny. She manages to win the duel in the end and she also manages to keep Kenny’s body from major harm. Still, Ryan and Sarah bring Kenny to the hospital just to be safe. When they arrived the nurse they talked to said that a couple of police officers would want to speak to them. And so, after exchanging nervous looks at each other, they sat and waited.

Sarah: (worried) Ryan what do you think is going to happen?

Ryan: I’m not sure. But it probably wont be too good. You might be fine, but I’m worried about what they’ll do to me.

Sarah: Ryan, we’re going to be fine. it just depends on what we say to them.

Ryan: (shocked) are you thinking about telling them the truth?

Sarah: if worst comes to worst, then yes. I don’t see any other way out of this.

Ryan: but Sarah…I don’t know if I could do that.

Sarah: well we have to come up with something. And don’t forget to remain vague.

Ryan: okk. How about, we were walking around in the woods with Kenny and then we fell down a steep hill. That’s where the scrapes will come in. then we can say that Kenny hit his head on a rock and that’s where the unconsciousness comes in.

Sarah: that would be good, except we already told the Nurse that we just found him in the road…and the small burn on your arm would still remained unexplained.

Ryan: ahh crap, you’re right. well how about-

Sarah: wait, shhh.

*Sarah tries to get Ryan to stop planning as she sees 2 cops start walking toward them. 1 of the 2 cops is the same one from before.

Ryan: great just my luck, it’s the same guy from yesterday…

Cop: well look what we have here. Ryan and Sarah right? (sarcastically) isn’t this a coincidence.

Cop 2: you know these 2?

Cop: as a matter of fact I met with them yesterday. (to Ryan & Sarah) I am starting to become awfully suspicious of you 2 now.

Ryan: oh come on like you weren’t suspicious before?

Cop: what did I say about talking back?

Sarah: just what exactly is it you want?

Cop: what I want? What I want is too know why whenever there’s trouble I end up running into you 2.

Ryan: hmm, ever consider that maybe it’s because all the trouble always happens in front of our houses?

Cop: yea. And why is that?

Sarah: we already told you last time. WE DON’T KNOW.

Cop: alright that’s it. (to the other cop) grab the boy. Bring them out to the car.

*the cop grabs Sarah’s arm and holds it tight.

Sarah: oww okk stop it your hurting me!

Cop: shut up!

Ryan: (being carried away by the other cop) hey! Did you not understand that? Loosen your grip!

Cop 2: silence!

Ryan: this isn’t a courtroom…

Cop 2: I said silence!

*Cop 2 starts holding Ryan tighter now, practically making it so he can’t breathe. Ryan notices that Sarah’s hand is getting purple from the blood flow being blocked off.

Ryan: (struggling) I said let go of her!

*a tiny bit of the Dark Aura appears around the corner. Without it even being seen, it manages to cling itself onto Ryan and then disappears. Ryan’s eyes glow white and the Rising Aura appears around him. nobody else can see it but Ryan and Sarah. Ryan becomes more frustrated and his eyes now change to purple. The Aura starts changing to a Blue, then a Darker Blue and ends up burning the 2nd cops arms, causing him to let go.

Cop 2: (yells) what the?

*Ryan now looks at the other cop and the Aura spreads over to him and Sarah. Sarah doesn’t feel anything at all, but the Cop also feels a burn on his hand, causing him to let go.

Cop: (confused) that was hot!

*Ryan runs over to Sarah and grabs her arm. The Aura starts waving rapidly and Ryan and Sarah vanish.

Cop: what?! Where are they?

Cop 2: they disappeared? hey, can we do that?

Cop: no...they’re not supposed to be able to do that. Call in for help. We’re going on a search.

*Cop 2 calls for backup. Both cops head to their car and start searching for Ryan and Sarah. Sirens are heard as 3 more cop cars start the search as well. The scene now takes us back to Ryan and Sarah. The Aura appears in Ryan’s room and it seems like Ryan and Sarah materialize from it.

Sarah: what in the world just happened?

Ryan: (shocked) no way. I can teleport? Ohh man this is sweet!

Sarah: well I’m glad your learning how to control the Rising Ryan, but do you think it was a good idea to do that?

Ryan: what do you mean?

Sarah: I mean we just ran away from cops. Well not ran but, you know what I mean. And I can already hear the sirens. They’ll probably be coming here first.

Ryan: well then we can’t stay here. Lets go.

*Ryan attempts to bring the Aura back so he can try teleporting again, but nothings working. He seems confused cause he thought he could control it now.

Ryan: so Sarah, about that controlling thing you just mentioned…

Sarah: you have no idea how to control it now…

Ryan: no no. its not that. Its just…well…kinda, yea….

Sarah: so what are we going to do now?

Ryan: I have no clue.

Sarah: great. You just had to use the Rising didn’t you?

Ryan: heyy its like this thing has a mind of its own. It seems like it comes when I need help and that’s all. But it was different this time. I had the biggest urge to hurt those cops like they were hurting us. I cant explain it, but my mind was just filled with rage.

Sarah: well you do have that self-control issue.

Ryan: yea but its never that bad…I don’t know. But I know we can’t stay here. Come on, lets sneak out through the woods.

*Ryan and Sarah start to head down the stairs and toward the back door. As they are walking around the house Sarah realizes that Ryan’s grandfather is no where to be found.

Sarah: Ryan, where’s your Grandpa?

Ryan: ahh I don’t know. But I’m sure he’s fine. But we won’t be if we stay here. We have to move.

*They head out the back door and start running toward the woods. As they are about to step into the woods, the cops come flying into Ryan and Sarah’s driveway. About a dozen cops step out of the cars and about half of them are holding up guns.

A Cop’s Voice: don’t move!

*Ryan and Sarah are frozen with fear. They can’t believe they are in this situation. All of a sudden the wind picks up and out from the woods comes another Dark Minion’s wave. Ryan grabs Sarah as he jumps out of the way of the streaming Aura. Every cop gets struck with the Aura, forcing all of them to fall down. The cop cars topple over. Eventually the wind dies down. Ryan and Sarah stand back up to see what happened. As they look over they see one cop start to stand up again. The Dark Aura starts to form around the cop and his eyes glow purple. He begins to talk.

Dark Cop: we couldn’t possibly let them take you in Ryan. We had to save you so that we can fulfill our destiny and live in our own world. We can’t do that without killing you, and we can’t kill you if you’re locked up.

Ryan: well thanks I think…

Dark Cop: and as an added bonus once I lift my spirit from this cop, he and the other cops won’t remember a single thing about today.

Sarah: well that’s good.

Ryan: yea I guess. But he still can’t be trusted Sarah. (to the Minion) so what exactly do you want?

Dark Cop: you’ve done this before haven’t you? We are going to duel. and you will die this time Ryan. I am the 3rd Minion and they will only keep on coming, the next one more powerful than the first.

Ryan: why are you doing this…

Dark Cop: that story has already been shared with you so I’m not wasting time telling it again. So come on and let’s duel.

*the Dark Aura appears and the Cop’s arm glows black as a duel disk is formed with a deck inside already. The Dark Minion now looks at Ryan as he just stands there.

Dark Cop: well what are you waiting for? Start your duel disk and lets go.

Ryan: what am I waiting for? To be honest, all this to be over. I’ve had enough. And if the only way to do that is with a duel then I’ve got no choice. (to Sarah) hey Sarah, mind if I borrow your duel disk? Mine is inside.

Sarah: sure.

*Sarah throws Ryan her duel disk. Ryan shuffles his deck and places it inside. Both Ryan and the Dark Minion Draw their opening hands and their Life Points are set to 4000.

Ryan: (drawing a card from his deck) this has gone on long enough!
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:24 pm

Chapter 18 – Good Cop or Bad Cop?

*Ryan is completely fed up with the Dark Minions interfering with his life. The 3rd Minion made his debut by coming out of the woods behind Ryan’s house. It hosted itself within a cop who was trying to catch Ryan and Sarah for running away from him. the Dark Minion made a deal with Ryan once it made itself at home inside the cop. The minion said that if Ryan accepts the Dark Minion’s challenge to a duel and wins then the cops will forget everything that has happened since Ryan and Sarah’s first encounter with the police, but if Ryan loses then he will die. Ryan heard enough and accepted the challenge hoping to end this war between good and evil. When we last saw Ryan he had drew 1 card from his deck, therefore starting the duel.

Sarah: come on Ryan teach these guys a lesson already!

Ryan: I’ll do my best.

*the Rising Aura appears around Ryan.

Ryan: (looking at his hand) time to go to work. Alright, to start, I’m gonna summon Poseidon, Rising Water in attack mode.

*Water rises from the ground and Poseidon is summoned.

Ryan: then I’ll knock down a face down and end it at that.

*turn moves to Dark Cop.

Dark Cop: get ready kid (draws a card) I’m gonna place 1 card face down and summon Winged Rhynos in attack mode! [Winged Rhynos/WIND/4/Beast-Warrior/Effect/
When a Trap Card is activated, you can return this face-up card from the field to its owner's hand]

*a wind storms the field and Winged Rhynos is summoned.

Dark Cop: now Winged Rhynos attack his puny monster!

*Winged Rhynos rushes toward Poseidon and destroys him. Ryan takes 200 points of damage as he is blown back from the wind. Current LP = 3800.

Dark Cop: (chuckles) how was tha-

Ryan: (cutting him off) trap card open! Rising Call.

*a White Aura appears on the field right in front of the Rising Call trap card.

Ryan: when you destroyed my monster, you allowed me too summon another level 4 or lower Rising monster from my hand or deck to the field. come on out Okenuth, Rising Flames.

*The White Aura turns into a fire and Okenuth emerges from the flames in attack mode.

Ryan: Okenuth gets 300 more attack points for every card on the field including himself. So I have him and you have 2 other cards. So that puts Okenuth at 900 attack points.

*Okenuth’s attack points rise to 900.

Ryan: now then, are you finished?

Dark Cop: completely.

Ryan: good. so its my turn now.

*turn moves to Ryan.

Ryan: (draws a card. Now holds 5 cards) first, I play Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy your face down. [Mystical Space Typhoon - Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on the field.]

*Bottomless Trap Hole is sent to the graveyard.

Ryan: and now I summon Rising Synchron!

*a green light shines and Rising Synchron is formed.

Ryan: and now I’ll Tune my 2 level 4 monster together for a level 8 Synchro Summon.

*the circles all over Rising Synchron begin to glow green as he transforms into stars of light. The stars turn into 2 circles and surround Okenuth. Okenuth begins to glow green.

Ryan: I Synchro Summon Anikados, Rising Star!

*The green light from Okenuth turns into white and Anikados is Synchro Summoned in attack mode.

Ryan: alright Anikados attack his Rhyno with Star Storm!

*Anikados flies into the air and begins to glow yellow. A yellow orb is formed inside Anikados’s mouth and a yellow Ray of light and stars is launched at Winged Rhynos. Winged Rhynos is destroyed and the Dark Minion takes 1200 points of damage as he’s blown backwards from the attack. Current LP = 2800.

Dark Cop: (struggling to get up) pesky dragon…

Ryan: I hope you don’t think Anikados is done there.

Dark Cop: (confused) what?!

Ryan: (chuckles) when Anikados destroys an opposing monster in battle, he inflicts damage to you equal to that monsters attack points. Anikados, time to shine. activate Solar Star!

*Anikados lowers down to the Dark Minion’s level and begins to shine brightly. The Dark Minion yells as he looses another 1800 Life Points.

Dark Cop’s LP = 1000
Ryan’s LP = 3800.

Ryan: you know, I thought you said each Minion was going to get tougher? Well to be honest, I feel like they’ve gotten weaker. Either that or I’ve just grown stronger than all of you now.

*The Dark Minion looks up at Ryan and sees his Rising Aura waving rapidly, as if it’s growing.

Dark Cop: (to himself) oh no. how could this happen? All of Ryan’s pride has made him stronger. This was not how this was supposed to play out. My master is going to be so disappointed…

*Sarah has not taken her eyes off the duel. she’s amazed at how confident Ryan is. Honest appears.

Honest: it seems that Ryan is doing well.

Sarah: I think hes been in control this whole time. I’ll tell ya, that Whyet guy sure did give us a scare over nothing.

*the Dark Minion hears this and begins to laugh maniacally. Ryan looks at him with a serious look.

Ryan: and just what is so funny?

Dark Cop: oh im sorry. Forgive me. Its just that I overheard your friend over there.

Ryan: (angry) you leave her alone. Do you understand me!?

Dark Cop: I make no promises.

*Ryan’s face becomes even more serious. That was not the remark he was expecting.

Ryan: (frustrated) I am so sick and tired of your games!

*Ryan’s eyes begin to glow Blue and his Aura gets a Blueish tint to it.

Ryan: i have to say I am disappointed in you guys. The warning Whyet gave me made this seem like it was going to be a much tougher battle than this.

Dark Cop: see now that’s why I was laughing. You think you have it won just because you summoned a fancy monster? You have no idea what kind of power your dealing with.

Ryan: I’ve got a hunch though, and I know for sure what kind of power I have. And I am positive that I can take you down with it.

Dark Cop: believe what you want Ryan. But if your done its my turn. So are you done Ryan?

Ryan: I am.

Dark Cop: wonderful.

Turn moves to the Dark Minion. The Minion does not draw his card right away. Instead, he looks at Ryan, then Sarah, and then Ryan again. He begins to laugh.

Dark Cop: ohh I am going to enjoy this turn Ryan!

*Ryan says nothing. He just keeps a serious look as he stares down the Dark Minion with his new Sky Blue eyes. While Ryan is looking at him he notices something. He can see a light inside of the Dark Minion. Cicera’s voice is heard.

Cicera: Ryan, what you are seeing right now is with my vision, through my eyes. Whenever your eyes become this blue color you and I are the same spirit. And that light you see inside the Minion is the goodness inside the Cop. That shows you how much good is left until the Darkness takes full control over him.

Ryan: I get it Cicera. So I just have to end things quickly. No big deal. This should be interesting.

Cicera: good luck Ryan.

Ryan: (to the Dark Minion) I have seen the good within the Cop you possess. Your evil has not fully taken over so now I know I can still win. and I also know why you guys try to finish your duels so quickly – so you don’t lose your grip on your host. Well I promise you that I am putting a stop to this. No matter what it takes.

Dark Cop: nice speech, but actions speak louder than words.

Ryan: well I ended my turn. So its your move now and its your move that we’ve all been waiting for…

Dark Cop: alright. I will take my turn as you wish.

*the Dark Minion begins to laugh. Ryan, Sarah, and Honest all look at him. Sarah then looks at Ryan. The Ryan she sees is a different Ryan than shes used to. She realizes he has learned how to better control the power given too him. the view now takes us to a birds-eye view of the field. the scene ends with the Dark Minion laughing maniacally.

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:40 pm

great story

i cant wait for the other chapter
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:17 pm

haha thanks mann im glad you liked it. you're new so i'll tell you about this.

-i have 23 chapters done.
-i am showing them little by little. (posting 1 chapter every morning and night)
-i am not done with all my chapters.
-i recently broke my thumb so its hard to type. i wont be making new chapters until it heals. but this probably wont affect this academy cause im only showing a little at a time. so hopefully by the time my thumb heals i will be making more chapters before i run out of chapters to show you.

thats all i thought of off the top of my head. just continue to enjoyy.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:28 am

Chapter 19 – Good Cop or Bad Cop Part 2

*the 3rd battle between Ryan and the Dark Minion’s has started. Ryan has taken the lead by Synchro Summoning Anikados, Rising Star and after a comment about how they thought the Dark Minions would be stronger the Minion starts to laugh. He’s not giving up and neither will Ryan. And so the show must go on.

Dark Cop: my turn. (draws a card. now holding 4 cards.) I discard D.D. Crow to remove 1 monster card in your graveyard from play. [D.D. Crow/DARK/1/Winged-Beast/100/100/Effect/ By discarding this card from your hand to the Graveyard, remove from play 1 card from your opponent's Graveyard. This effect can be activated during either player's turn.]

*a dark aura appears around Ryan’s duel disk and Okenuth is removed from play.

Ryan: ah crap.

Dark Cop: (maniacal laugh) and now, by removing 1 Wind monster and 1 Dark monster in my graveyard from play I can Special Summon my loyal servant of darkness!

*the wind is strong. The dark aura around the Dark Minion is waving rapidly. The Aura flies into the air and forms the shape of a giant bird.

Dark Cop: arise from the Darkness, Dark Simorgh! [Dark Simorgh/Dark/7/Winged-Beast/2700/1000/Effect/ This card's attribute is also treated as WIND. You can remove 1 DARK and 1 WIND monster in your Graveyard from play to Special Summon this card from your hand. You can remove 1 DARK monster and 1 WIND monster in your hand from play to Special Summon this card from your Graveyard. While this card is face-up, your opponent cannot Set cards on the field.]

*Dark Simorgh is formed from the Dark Aura in the sky. It screeches loud and proud as it flaps its wings, which creates a fierce wind.

Ryan: double crap…

*Ryan looks at Dark Simorgh and notices it has only 2700 attack points.

Ryan: (chuckles) nice monster, but did you happen to notice how my Rising Star still has 3000 attack points on your 2700?

Dark Cop: I was getting there. Now then I activate a field spell card known as Rising Air Current. [Rising Air Current - Increase the ATK of all WIND monsters by 500 points and decrease their DEF by 400 points.]

*the wind blows constantly now. The dark Aura surrounds Simorgh as his attack points climb up to 3200, and its defense points down to 600.

Ryan: triple crap…

Dark Cop: now Dark Simorgh take down that Anikados!

*Dark Simorgh flaps its wings creating a wind and the Dark Aura is sent flying toward Anikados. Anikados is destroyed and Ryan receives 200 points of damage. Current LP = 3600.

Ryan: (angered) no, Anikados!

Dark Cop: now that your dragon is gone, I’ll end my turn.

*turn moves to Ryan.

Ryan: (drawing a card, now holding 4 cards.) I promise you I’m going to make you pay.

*Ryan’s blue lit eyes change to more of a purple.

Dark Cop: (laughing) well before you continue, I’ll share some info with you. It seems that my kings plan has worked.

Ryan: what plan?

Dark Cop: a little bit of our darkness has made its way into your heart.

Sarah: what?

Dark Cop: you remember having the urge to kill those cops at the hospital right Ryan? well you see, when you were talking to those cops a little bit of my darkness was let out and attached itself to you. That’s why you had that urge. And now that its inside you it will only grow until it takes over.

*Ryan and Sarah are both struck with fear.

Ryan:…why didn’t I see this coming?! (yells) im such an idiot. I can’t believe I let that happen…

Dark Cop: well it did so just accept that fact. It’s already spreading within you Ryan. The anger you feel towards me is helping it grow. And it’s already showing. Your eyes and Aura are and will slowly change.

Ryan: no. I don’t believe you. Now just shut up and let me take my turn.

Dark Cop: fine, fine.

Ryan: good. cause I activate the field spell card Rising Oracle.

*the Oracle's seal appears in the sky and a mixture of colors fall across the field around them.

Ryan: now whenever I summon a Rising monster, I can place 1 Oracle Counter on this card. And by removing counters I can summon a monster with a level equal to that of the counters I removed. Now I activate the Spell card Monster Reborn to summon back Poseidon in defense mode.

*the Rising Aura appears on the field and Poseidon is formed. An Oracle Counter is placed on Rising Oracle. Current Counters = 1.

Ryan: next I’ll activate Rising Bind to decrease your Simorgh’s points by 500.

*the green symbols appear on Simorgh decreasing his attack points to 2700.

Ryan: and now I play the spell card Rising Elements.

Ryan: with this I can take Prometheus from my deck and add him to my hand. And now with his special ability he special summons himself to my field and I choose to summon him in Defense mode!

*Prometheus lunges foreward onto the field and heals in defense mode. An Oracle Counter is placed on Rising Oracle. Current Counters = 2.

Ryan: and now I’ll remove 1 counter from Rising Oracle to Special Summon Polaris, Rising Ice from my deck in defense mode.

*and ice storm appears on the field and Polaris is summoned. And Oracle Counter gets placed on Rising Oracle. Current Counters = 2.

Ryan: and now with my Polaris’s special effect I get to draw a card.

*Ryan draws 1 card from his deck. He see’s that he’s drawn Arkados.

Ryan: no way. It’s the card Whyet gave me. He had complete faith in me and this card shows that. And I also have the support of Sarah, Honest, and all my cards. I know I can do this. Even if what the Dark Minion said were true, I would never let the Darkness take control of me. I hope this next move works.

*The Dark Minion notices Ryan’s line up of monsters.

Dark Cop: so, I see you’re setting up some defense against my Dark Simorgh. Well those monsters won’t stand a chance.

Ryan: yea well see I was trying to defend myself at first, but then I saw what I drew with Polaris’s effect. And now everything has changed. Cause I can still normal summon this turn and I have just the monster I wanna summon.

*The Rising Aura appears around Arkados’s card and Ryan’s eyes go back to the Sky Blue color.

Ryan: I sacrifice Polaris, Prometheus, and Poseidon to summon Arkados, Rising Life!

*The Rising Aura appears around all 3 of Ryan’s monsters. The monsters fade away and the Aura’s combine causing the Aura to grow. Arkados is summoned from the Aura and Roars and an Oracle Counter is placed on Rising Oracle. Current counters = 3.

*Ryan looses his strength and kneels down.

Ryan: whoa. All my energy was just drained from my body.

*Ryan hears Cicera’s voice.

Cicera’s Voice: the reason you feel week is because Arkados is basically the main fuel supply of your cards. He is the one who gives your deck power. He is the keeper of the Rising Aura. All your powers come from him so it takes a lot of strength to pull off a summon with his card.

Ryan: I get it now. He is quite the addition to my deck. I’m glad we came across him.

Cicera’s Voice: it was bound to happen eventually.

*Ryan looks up at Arkados.

Ryan: you see him Dark Minion? He is the center of my deck. And he’s the one who’s gonna take you down.

Dark Cop: (nervous) he is huge. How come we weren’t warned of this card?

Ryan: probably because he has been unknown till this day. And for the record, Whyet gave me this card. That’s why I’m gonna win this duel using him.

*The Rising Aura appears around Arkados.

Dark Cop: that traitor. He will pay.

Ryan: no, you’re going to leave him alone. Cause we’re finished here. Arkados, attack his Simorgh with Rising Blaze!

*Arkados roars proudly. He opens his mouth and a White light appears inside. The Light is fired and instantly changed to a fire that’s the color of the Rising Aura. The attack hits and covers Dark Simorghs entire body and all around him. the Dark Minion is blown backwards a good 10 feet and he takes 1300 points of damage. Current LP = 0.

Ryan: and that’s all.

*the holograms fade and the field turns back to normal. The Dark Aura lifts away from the Cop and disappears. Ryan turns around and walks over to Sarah.

Sarah: thank god that’s over.

Ryan: yea no kidding. But theres still more Minions to come.

Sarah: speaking of, do you think what this Dark Minion said was true? About you being taken over by the darkness.

Ryan: well I’d sure like to hope not…

Sarah: well whatever happens I’m with you all the way.

Ryan: thanks Sarah.

Sarah: now, should we help these cop guys out?

Ryan: nahh they’re cops. They can handle it. at least they wont remember anything about today. but it’s getting late so I’m gonna call it a day.

Sarah: (laughs) alright. Good night Ryan.

Ryan: ‘night Sarah.

*Ryan and Sarah both go home. Ryan heads up to his room and lays down on his bed letting out a big sigh. Raziel appears.

Raziel: well that’s another battle done. You’re getting better at this. (laughs)

Ryan: (softly) yea.

Raziel: something bothering you?

Ryan: (lying) no. nothing at all. No offense Raz but I’m going to bed. That ok?

Raziel: of course. You deserve it. good night.

Ryan: thanks. goodnight Raz.

*Raziel fades away. Ryan lies up all night thinking about what the Dark Minion said to him. he keeps running it over and over again in his head.

Ryan: (thinking to himself) I know what I have to do. I cant stay here anymore. I have to leave…

*the scene now takes us outside to the cops lying down in the road. 1 cop gets up and looks all around him to find his friends all lying in the road with the cars flipped over. turns out the cop was hit on the head a little too hard.

Cop: whoa. we must of had quite a storm for everyone to be flung out here. sounds like a fun ride though. too bad i was sleeping.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:57 am

thanks like always.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:10 pm

Chapter 20 – The Runaway Duelist

*Ryan’s last duel with the 3rd Dark Minion made him realize that some of the darkness is lurking inside his heart and will only grow and eventually take over unless he is helped. He decides that he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt so he comes to a decision – to runaway.

Ryan: (laying in bed) I can’t stay here anymore. It’s time for me to go for now.

*Ryan gets up out of bed and starts to pack up some clothes. Raziel appears.

Raziel: (confused) hey um, are we going somewhere?

Ryan: not we. I have to leave Raz. You heard the Minion didn’t you? If I stay here and the darkness takes me over then I’ll be putting everyone in harms way…

Raziel: are you sure that’s the best idea?

Ryan: (looks down) no. but it’s all I can think of. And don’t try to change my mind Raz.

Raziel: well then let us figure this out together Ryan. I can help you.

Ryan: no.

Raziel: what?

Ryan: you’re not coming with me Raz…I’m leaving my deck behind.

Raziel: you’re doing what?!

Ryan: it’s not easy for me. But it’s for your own good. I cant let the darkness get to my cards. Especially you.

Raziel: but we’re like a family Ryan. You cant just abandon your family!

Ryan: my family did it to me.

*Raziel remembers the first day her and Ryan met. Back when Ryan was just a15 year old kid. His mom was arguing with him about another fight he got in. his brother William was in the room sitting on a couch.

Katherine: I can’t do this anymore Ryan.

*Ryan looks up.

Katherine: I meant it. I want you out.

Ryan: (upset) b-but mom, I’m only 15 years old! Where am I gonna go?!

Will: you heard our mother man, get your stuff and go.

Ryan: hey, this isn’t the time and place for you’re mouth, man!

Will: ohh so now cause you got into a fight you think you’re a tough guy?

Ryan: just watch your mouth brother.

*Will gets up from the couch and walks toward Ryan. Ryan stays put. Will looks like he’s about to hit Ryan.

Katherine: William don’t. Ryan, just get out.

Ryan: why don’t you worry about your own life Will. Instead of trying to get away with controlling mine.

*William throws a punch at Ryan with his right hand. Ryan grabs William’s shirt but Will punches him again with his left hand this time.

Katherine: Stop it you too! Get out Ryan!

Ryan: fine! But just so you know its not my fault dad got arrested again so stop taking your anger out on me all the time.

*Ryan gets up and heads to his room. He grabs a travel bag and packs up clothes. He opens his window and climbs out. As he’s halfway out the window, a White light starts to shine from inside Ryan’s closet. He goes back inside and opens the door. He looks around and sees that the light is coming from the top shelf of his closet. When he searches the top shelf he finds a case.

Ryan: what’s this?

*he opens the case and to his joy he finds a deck of cards he’s never seen before. While he looks through them, he hears a voice come from behind him.

Voice: you’re not as alone as you may feel, Ryan.

Ryan: who’s there?

*Ryan turns around to see a Fairy-like creature with Red wings standing before him.

Ryan: who are you?

Raziel: my name is Raziel. I am a spirit of one of your new cards. i have been in that case for quite some time, probably your whole life, just waiting for the time to come for you to find me.

Ryan: you’re a card spirit?

*The white light starts to shine again, but this time only from one card about ¼ of the way into his new deck. When he finds the card hat is glowing, he sees it’s Raziel, Rising Dawn.

Ryan: whoa. You’re not kidding.

Raziel: no. and I will stay with you forever Ryan. As your Guardian Spirit.

*the memory stops and we return to Ryan and Raziel in the present day.

Raziel: times are different now. You don’t need to make the same mistake your family did Ryan. Just stay here. We will all understand.

*Ryan is silent while he does some serious thinking.

Ryan: ok. You can come with me. But I’m not staying.

*Ryan grabs his cards and duel disk and places them inside his packed bag. Ryan and Raziel walk down the stairs and looks around his house one final time.

Ryan: I’m gonna miss this place.

Raziel: hey, where is your grandfather Ryan? I haven’t seen him in 2 days.

Ryan: yea Sarah hasn’t seen him either. I hope he’s ok.

*as Ryan takes his final look around the house, he starts to rethink his decision. But in the end he doesn’t change his mind. He realizes that this isn’t something he wants to do, but something he has to do. Raziel fades away. Ryan walks out the back door and starts heading to the woods. He continues to walk until he reaches a road. Luckily, a car comes by in a matter of minutes. Ryan holds up his thumb and the car stops. Ryan opens the passenger door and gets inside.

Ryan: thanks for stopping. Can you take me to the nearest bus station?

Driver: sure thing kid. The names Hank by the way.

Ryan: ok. Well thanks Hank.

Hank: no problem at all. Only thing is that the ride is gonna be a little while. Probably about a half hour.

Ryan: I’ll pay you 10 bucks.

Hank: done.

*they drive off. About 10 minutes into the drive Ryan falls asleep. While he’s asleep he senses something that gives him an uneasy feeling and wakes him up.

Hank: something wrong there sonny? You seem startled.

Ryan: it’s nothing.

*Ryan looks outside and can see the wind pick up tremendously by looking at the trees around him.

Ryan: (to himself) someone’s following me.

*Ryan senses the Darkness from a Dark Minion. All of a sudden the Dark Aura appears around the car. For some reason Hank (the non-duelist) can see the aura.

Hank: what is this?

Ryan: just hold on. Let go of the wheel and put your seat all the way back.

Hank: why?

Ryan: if you want to live beyond tonight, you’ll do as I say. Now put it back.

*Hank doesnt argue with that and puts his seat all the way back.

Ryan: now lean back all the way. I need a clear shot at your door.

*Hank leans all the way back and his door is completely exposed. Ryan looks around and sees the Dark Aura growing around the car more and more, almost completely engulfing it. the back side, and Ryan’s side is completely covered. The Rising Aura appears around Ryan. He holds up his right hand and launches a blast of Aura at Hank’s door causing it too fall off..

Hank: (in amazement) what the?

Ryan: save the questions for later. sit back up now.

*Hank sits up. Ryan unbuckles Hank and himself. He grabs Hank and jumps out of the car. The Rising Aura appears beneath them right before they hit the ground, therefore cushioning their fall as they roll down a hill. When Ryan is steady again and can stand back up, he looks up at Hank’s car. It’s still in motion and the Aura is still covering it. the Aura completely covers the car a few seconds later and crushes it. Hank saw what happened as well.

Hank: holy cow man. That could have been us! you saved me. Although, I don’t know how you did it, but thank you.

Ryan: lets just say I’m not exactly your everyday teen.

Hank: I realized that.

Ryan: (changing the subject) well I think I can get to the bus station on my own from here. I’ll give you another 5 bucks for the trouble. Thanks anyways.

*Ryan hands Hank the $15.

Hank: (still in shock) umm, sure no problem.

Ryan: now, where do you need to be?

Hank: well, home would be nice. Its just 5 minutes from the station. 371 Wolbourn ave.

Ryan: ok.

*The Rising Aura appears around Ryan as he makes the Aura spread over to Hank.

Hank: (spooked) what are you doing?

Ryan: taking you home. just relax.

*The Aura waves rapidly around Hank. Moments later he vanishes and reappears in front of his house.

Hank: Im home? and I’m alive! (excited) I’m alive and home!!

*Scene takes us back to Ryan. Raziel appears.

Raziel: you seemed to of controlled the Rising really well that time Ryan.

Ryan: yea I guess I did. I feel like I know what to do with it now to make it happen. Thank god cause that could save my butt.

Raziel: believe me, I saw. (laughs)

*Raziel fades away. The Rising Aura appears around Ryan again.

Ryan: okk. Take me to the closest bus station.

*the Aura waves rapidly and Ryan vanishes. He appears next to the bus station he was headed toward. He walks inside, and buys a ticket to the next town over – Chino. After he bought his ticket, he sits down in one of the chairs and waits. We’re now taken to Sarah. She is still sleeping in her room. Honest appears.

Honest: Sarah, wake up. Ryan has run away!

*Sarah awakens to the news.

Sarah: he, ran away?

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:24 pm

Man I cant wait to see what is in nxt xhapter I cant wait :-)
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:31 pm

lmao. tomorro morning. i think this chapter i just posted might be my favorite non-dueling chapter so farr.


tomorro will be the last time i post 2 a day. i start school tomorro. but luckily i dont have to go in until 10 so i can post a chapter before i leave, and when i get back. but after tomorro i will only be able to post when i get out of school.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:44 pm

NOOOO!lol oh well but I bttr be seeing some good chapters to make up for only being able to post one.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:14 pm

xcross21 wrote:
NOOOO!lol oh well but I bttr be seeing some good chapters to make up for only being able to post one.

lol. i will do my best.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:04 am

Chapter 21 – Is This Goodbye?

*Ryan decided to run away to a new town without even saying goodbye. He was worried about how the outcome of the Darkness lurking inside his soul would affect his friends and family. At first he planned on leaving his deck behind, but Raziel convinced him to take it with him. Ryan got a ride to the bus station from a person named Hank. On the way to the station Hank and Ryan were attacked by the Dark Aura of a Dark Minion. For some reason Hank could see the Dark Aura, even though he’s not a duelist. The Darkness tried to trap the 2 inside the car and then crush the car. Ryan used the power of the Rising to blast open a door and jump out of the car with Hank. After all the Madness Ryan gets hank home safely by teleporting him with the Rising Aura. Back home Honest tells Sarah the news about Ryan running away.

Sarah: so, he just ran away?

Honest: that’s right. Raziel told me about the news without Ryan knowing. She told me to tell you.

Sarah: well I’d love to say thank you, but I cant now.

Honest: so Ryan didn’t even tell you what he was planning?

Sarah: (shakes her head) I guess he thought it was easier than saying goodbye.

Honest: and is it?

Sarah: no…

Honest: well then I guess it’s a good thing Raziel also told me where they are. You ready to go?

Sarah: (excited) you know where they are?

Honest: they’re at a bus station just about a half hour from here. Ryan planned on riding a bus to Chino.

Sarah: well then what are we waiting around here for! Let’s get going!

*Sarah grabs her deck and heads for her front door, quietly of course. She can’t risk waking up her parents. We are now with Ryan at the bus station. He is sitting in one of the waiting chairs until his bus is here when a man no older than him sits down next too him. once the man sits down Ryan senses that he is carrying a deck on him. he knows this guy is a duelist.

Ryan: so, how long have you been dueling?

Man: who, me?

Ryan: yea. I know you have cards on you.

Man: (laughs) right. well I’ve been dueling for about 4 years now. I have a deck that not too many people know about.

Ryan: yea. I could say the same thing.

Man: so you’re a duelist too huh.

Ryan: you guessed it. been using the same deck my whole life of Dueling.

Man: same here. My names Trey by the way.

Ryan: (refering to himself) Ryan

Trey: Hey, mind if I take a look at your deck? And to show you I’m not trying to pull a fast one on you, I’ll show you my cards too.

Ryan: (laughs) sure, why not.

*Ryan and Trey exchange decks. Ryan can tell that Trey is not a bad person at all. His deck seems to trust him, and the Rising Aura didn’t harm him or even appear like it did with those cops.

Trey: wow hey these are pretty sweet cards. definitely one of a kind.

*when Trey gets to Raziel’s card, he hears a voice. He doesn’t know it yet, but its Raziel’s voice.

Raziel: hello.

Trey: who in the how?

Ryan: something wrong?

Trey: no, I just heard someone say hello that’s all.

Ryan: (in his thoughts to Raziel) are you pulling a joke on this guy?

Raziel: maybe…What I can’t have a little fun?

*Ryan laughs.

Trey: what’s funny?

Ryan: well I’ll be honest with you. Cause I know when I say this you wont think I’m crazy. The voice you heard was the card spirit of Raziel, Rising Dawn. The card you’re looking at right now. She wanted to joke around with you is all. And I know you won’t think I’m crazy when I say she’s my Guardian Spirit because I know you talk to card spirits too.

*Ryan holds up a card. The card was Crystal Carbuncle – Erasmos.

Trey: but how did you know?

Ryan: I have a sense for things like this. And Erasmos is telling me to put him down as we speak.

Trey: (laughs) well I didn’t know it was possible but someone else out there can talk to card spirits too. What are the odds that he’d be in the same bus station as me.

Ryan: we’re not the only ones. My friend Sarah can as well.

*Ryan pauses and looks down.

Trey: something the matter?

Ryan: well, you see, I just ran away from home. I didn’t tell Sarah about this idea and I’m starting to regret it.

Trey: so is Sarah like you’re sister?

Ryan: no, just a friend.

*Raziel appears and is visable to Ryan and Trey.

Raziel: a friend that he’s in love with. Woops did I say that out loud? (laughs)

Ryan: oh yea thank you Raz.

*Erasmos appears.

Erasmos: you know, I kinda like them. They act funny around each other.

Trey: (laughs) good thing cause I think we’ll be seeing more of this guy Erasmos.

Ryan: well anyway, you have a cool deck also. I’d love to duel it some time.

Trey: yea I would like to duel your deck too. (snaps his fingers) wait a minute. Idea just popped into my head. How about we duel right now?

Ryan: as in right here right now?

Trey: well we can go outside, but yea.

Ryan: (laughs) I don’t see why not.

Trey: alright. Lets go.

*Raziel & Erasmos disappear and Ryan & Trey head for the outside. Once out there they both take out their duel disks, shuffle their decks, and prepare for a duel. Right before they’re about to start, a car pulls up to the curb. Sarah steps out.

Sarah: thanks again mr. here’s a 20 for the trouble.

Driver: thank you.

*Sarah closes the door and turns around to see Ryan standing there with a guy she hasn’t seen before.

Sarah: well this is unexpected. Ryan this isn’t a duel with a Dark Minion is it.

Ryan: no. but be quiet about that.

Trey: Dark Minion?

Ryan: (ignoring Trey) Sarah how did you know where to find me?

Trey: ohh so this is Sarah. Oh yea Ryan shes a keeper.

*Ryan looks at Trey with a shut up type of look.

Sarah: Raziel told Honest where to find you and Honest told me.

Ryan: why did you come for me?

Sarah: ohh man does nothing have value in that horrible ruin of a brain that you have?

Ryan: um, ouch?

Trey: BURN!

*Sarah looks at Trey with a shut up kind of look.

Trey: (to himself) oh yea they’re definitely in love.

Sarah: Ryan I came cause I care. Can you honestly say that you didn’t want to say goodbye?

Ryan: this wasn’t something I wanted to do. It was something I had to do. As soon as this duel is done im leaving Sarah. Now, at least watch the last duel of mine you’ll probably ever see? It would mean a lot to me.

Sarah: (touched and surprised) ok.

Ryan: thank you. Now then, you ready for this Trey?

Trey: I’ve been ready the whole time you 2 love birds have been bickering over there.

*Ryan and Sarah look at each other.

Sarah: Ryan, duel him and shut that mouth of his.

Ryan: on it.

*Ryan and trey both draw their opening hands and their Life Points are set to 4000. Raziel appears next too Ryan and Erasmos appears on Trey’s shoulder.

Ryan: alright. Here we go.

Ryan and Trey: Duel!

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:12 am

I think this is the first time I've posted......and having read your fanfic on SW and DK......I'll keep reading.
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:27 pm

Kaizen wrote:
I think this is the first time I've posted......and having read your fanfic on SW and DK......I'll keep reading.

lmao yepp first post i've ever receieved from you. im glad you'll keep reading lol hope you like it.

keep an eye out for Chapter 22. coming soon
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PostSubject: Re: My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)   

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My Fan Fic - The Rising prodigy (chapter 30 now up)
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