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PostSubject: HSOHK and TDA   Thu Oct 15, 2009 8:47 pm

MasterGouken wrote:
um.. TDA (Twilight Duel Academy) would like to affiliate with HSOHK.. i would ask Headcase.. be he never seems to be on.. T_T we need the help.. there is a war between SDA and they have affiliates.. they are planning to pretty much bum rush us, if you catch my drift... well.. it
is up to you know.. TDA would love to be affiliated

Okay, as an admin of HSOHK, this is my response. Staxx another administrator had his opinion, but to the best of my current knowledge will agree to this.

Kaizen wrote:
Affiliation is a tedious business, as it can cost both academies members. We are okay with supporting your war, but we would like it if it could be hosted through HSOHK, so our administrators could work in setting up the rules and the competing team. However, if done so, we will aid you to the fullest of our ability.
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